March 2, 2024

Nigerian writer and social media influencer, Solomon Buchi, has been joined finally in holy matrimony with his partner, Arike Adeola.The media personality shared the news via his instagram page on Wednesday.

He also posted pictures from the ceremony which he revealed was attended by “family and few friends.” “The most beautiful moment in our lives yet,” he wrote in the caption. “I got to be joined with Arike Adeola, now Adeola Solomon-Buchi.”

“Marriage, an institution so sacred. And in the presence of family and few friends, we made our nuptial vows and committed to forever.”

“On this note, on behalf of my wife and I, I would love to wish you a happy Wednesday,” he stated.

Buchi, who proposed to Adeola in July 2022, created a buzz on the Internet after what was meant to be a sweet Internet note to his future-wife led to severe backlash.

In August,he also had to debunk rumours that he broke up with Adeola after he shared a tweet about going through a heartbreak .

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