March 26, 2023

Many do not know the health benefits of drinking clean water frequently. Unknown to many water heals many ailments when consumed.

Various research conducted has shown that regular drinking of water cures a lot of sicknesses and infections. Water can be added to your weight loss programme as it cleans excess cholesterol.

Below are a list of ailments clean water heals when consumed regularly:

  1. High Blood Pressure: Drinking of water is very good especially if the person is suffering “High Blood Pressure”. Water regulats your blood pressure when taken regularly. Dehydration makes blood acidic, which increases the LDL levels of cholesterol. It also helps in blood thinning, thereby making it easy for your heart to pump blood properly. Water makes the blood clean and cleans excess cholesterol.
  2. Kidney Infections: Drinking adequate water flushes out bacterias present in the bladder bladder. Water is highly recommended in combating infections. Drinking pure clean water dilutes the urine and cleans the kidney, that way it recovers from kidney Infections. Regular drinking of water prevents salt or mineral accumulation.
  3. Respiratory Infections: People with respiratory infection may often suffer vomiting, rapid breathing, diarrhea, etc. All this symptoms lead to water loss in the body. It becomes very important to drink clean water when in found in such condition, as respiratory infections leads to dehydration. Water is a great healing prescription for asthmatic patients and other respiratory Infections.

Always make sure the water is clean and pure before drinking, intake of bad water could cause ailments and more damage to your body.

Priscilla Irems

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