March 29, 2023

A certain CCTV footage has emerged concerning two suspected arsonists in California setting themselves on fire during an attack on a business, with one heard yelling while trying to escape the scene.

The incident happened early Monday morning at Servicio de Imigracion in Bakersfield in which the company provides immigration and naturalization services . The two unidentified masked individuals were seen approaching the business and dousing it with gasoline.

Motive for the attack is unclear and as of Wednesday, the suspects have not been captured.

One of the individuals then leans over to ignite the gasoline, but once doing so, the sudden and rapid inferno appears to catch both by surprise. The suspected arsonist who started the blaze is then seen running away with flames trailing up their leg, while the other repeatedly slips trying to flee the fire. One of the individuals is heard screaming before running off into the night with what appears to be their lower back and buttocks on fire.

The flames were put out about 10 minutes after first responders arrived. The business owner, Max Solorzano, told the station that the city of Bakersfield needs to do more to keep locals protected. “We are a small business and we help many people, so there will be people who will not be able to receive our services due to inactivity. They have to work harder in that aspect, in keeping the community safe,” he said

“That is what most saddens me,” he continued. “We help many farmworker families with their immigration processes, we help people do taxes. We ask our clients to have patience with us, we will get through this.”

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