June 5, 2023

A shooting occured in central Paris on Friday, claiming two lives while four sustained injuries according to the police and prosecutors who has also arrested the 60-year-old culprit.

The shots shortly before midday (1100 GMT) instilled panic and fear in the neighbourhood in bustling area of shops, restaurants and bars.

“The shooter has been arrested with his weapon. The danger is over,” a police source stated. “His motives remain unknown at this stage.”

A resident identified as Emmanuel Boujenan said that the man had been arrested in a hair salon.“There were people panicking, shouting to the police and pointing to the salon ‘he’s in there, he’s in there, go in,” he explained adding that he saw two people on the floor of the salon with leg injuries .

Also a shopkeeper in the area under anonymity explained that she heard seven or eight shots, saying “it was total panic. We locked ourselves inside.” The Paris prosecutor’s office said an investigation had been opened and that “a man aged between 60 and 70 has been arrested and is in custody”. “His identity is in the process of being checked,” it added.

Paris has been the scene of occasional outbreaks of gang violence that has been repeatedly targeted by Islamist terror groups since 2015.

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