February 23, 2024

Nigeria Netizens had thrown criticism at the Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, on social media for his comments on the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Earlier before the criticism,Soludo had said that Obi could not win the 2023 presidential election, adding that Obi himself is aware that he would not win the seat of the presidency which was written in an article with the title ‘History beckons and I will not be silent (Part 1)’.

He also added that the LP flagbearer is only playing games as he said “Let’s be clear: Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win. He knows the game he is playing, and we know too, and he knows that we know.The game he is playing is the main reason he didn’t return to the All Progressives Grand Alliance. The brutal truth (and some will say, God forbid) is that there are two persons/parties seriously contesting for president: the rest is exciting drama!”

However,the tweeps gave their reactions towards Soludo’s comment on Obi. On Twitter Moris Monye, brother of former presidential candidate of African Democratic Congress, Chukwuma Monye amongst others, said under the leadership of APC in the last seven years, Soludo had never criticised the Buhari-led administration for the state of the country but chooses to criticise Obi.

Monye tweeted, “No one is asking the Igbo political class to support Peter Obi but at least treat him with dignity and respect. Keep your support but be dignified.”

“Tells the character of Soludo that after eight years of horizontal wickedness, incompetence and squandermania of the Buhari regime, he didn’t say a word of criticism to the general. But her comes Peter Obi and his buccal cavities come alive.” he added.

#EndSARS participant, Rinu Oduola said, “That Soludo article is utterly shameless, lacking dignity, reeks of envy, bile and jealousy, provocative and insulting. Referencing someone as Hitler, calling people Nazis? Words elude me.” “Charles Soludo doesn’t have time for the flood victims in Anambra but has time to sit and write a series diatribe on Peter Obi. @CCSoludo shame on you.”

Another popular tweep, Akin Olaoye said, “Peter Obi please do not ask us your support base not to address @CCSoludo comment. He said he is your friend and kinsman, but that article was nothing short of venomous, toxic and a poor attempt to ridicule your accomplishments.”

The Anambra State governor who is currently the number two trending topic on Twitter with over 210,000 tweets however claimed that all he wrote in the article he had told Obi face to face.

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