July 15, 2024

The political war in Rivers State is far from resolving after the aspiration of the tenure of the chairman in the 23 local government area to the inauguration of the caretaker committee has led into protest in the state.

The role of the police in the ongoing political crisis is to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

It was reported that the State Commissioner of Police for Rivers State, Olatunji Disu, has closed down the council secretariat building until the war is over.

He made a statement, warning the protesters against breakdown of law and order with the implication at hand. “We warned them of the implication they are trying to do, we never at anytime said don’t go on possession. Every possession might be hijacked which may cause breakdown of law and order,” he said.

With the professionalism of the police force concerning this crisis, lots of commendation and thumbs up has been raised from different angles of the people and officials, praising the police for a job well done.

However, Samuel Nwanosike has claimed that his tenure in his seat is not over giving the calculation of 5months and 24days.

Despite the fact that Lawyer Maxwell Opera gave a statement that if the committee is not sworn in for the second time to claim the position, the seat is declared vacant by the court.

“The law is no longer subsisting as it is declared null and void, you’re not a governor until you take oath of office,” he added.

He also asked questions pertaining Nwanosike’s claim for second sitting which he gave answers to with certain explanations.

“Is there a law that elongates the legal issue? Is the law valid and insisting? Do they have the right to act after expiration? Were they sworn in for another month? Was there a resolution to the effort of swearing in?” he asked.

Furthermore, Nwanosike was asked if there’s a way forward to ensure peace in Rivers State, he explained that the committee will follow the law and order of the judiciary if a pronouncement is made.”

“Consider the factor, consider the law to save democracy,” Maxwell contributed to ensuring peace in Rivers.

Meanwhile, a strange case concerning the crisis was raised on Tuesday with the hearings that a male protester tried to detonate a bomb at the presidential hotel which instead, exploded in his hands.

He was however arrested in the hospital but still unidentified as the police delve deep into further investigations concerning this issue.

The crisis happening in Rivers State is a situation we as citizens should be concerned about.
Let’s look at the Rivers State Police for instance.

The police in Rivers State is currently experiencing a situation called “Catch 22”, A paradoxical situation whereas the Police cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations.

With the amount of pressure mounted on the police, it has made them most vulnerable in the world.
Amidst the ongoing chaos and struggles for the sit of the local government chairman, to prevent the crisis from deteriorating further, the Commissioner of Police Rivers, CP. Olatunji Disu took the drastic decision to take over the local government from both warring factions.
It is surprising that nobody is talking about it.

Rivers State commissioner should be commended for a Job well done for not being biased and political in handling issues.

Marvelous Ogidi

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