March 26, 2023

French Football Federation, President Noel Le Graet on Sunday, made a statement that Russia should be expelled from the 2022 world cup after invading Ukraine.“The world of sport, and especially football, cannot remain neutral. I certainly would not oppose the expulsion of Russia,”

On fourth day of invasion Ukrainians and Russians said they were ready for talks to halt a conflict that has forced hundred of thousands of people to flee their homes.

Poland, Sweden and the Czech republic have all refused to play Russia in the world cup play offs. Poland are due to play Russia in Moscow on March 24 and should the host win, they would host the winners of the match between Czech and Swedes on March 29.

FIFA are yet to take any action against Russia saying on Thursday, they were concerned by the tragic situation with president Gianni Infantino saying the world governing body had the capacity to take action on the play off matches at vary moment.

European governing body, UEFA did take action on Friday stripping Saint Petersburg’s gazprom Arena of the champions league final on May 28 and awarding the showpiece match to the stade de France in Paris. UEFA are also believed to be debating whether to cancel their sponsorship deal with Russian gas giant gazprom whose majority shareholders is the Russian state.

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