March 26, 2023

Peter Okoye, Twin brother of the popular Nigerian musician,Paul Okoye in a singing duo named P-Square, was seen in a video kissing his fan while performing on stage at the group’s reunion concert tour in Dallas,Us as he tried to bend down before he kissed the fan . This action has caused a lot of tongue twist on social media, throwing red cards at him.

In his part ,he said his family is not bothered by his action at the recent show in the US.The singer while defending himself said no one in his family has complained about his passionate lip-locking with the female fan during the Dallas show.Taking to his verified Twitter account the singer, fondly known as Mr. P wrote, “On stage! I throw my clothes, shoes, and even throw good and passionate kisses. No one in my family is complaining. Why e dey pain you.”The singer is married with his wife, Lola Omotayo as they were joined in holy matrimony on 17 November 2013, their union has birthed two children, Cameron. and Aliona Okoye.

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