March 2, 2024

Bashir Ahmad has expressed fear over the growing popularity of the Labour Party’s (LP) Presidential candidate, Peter Obi in Kano and Katsina. He’s also the former aide to President Buhari on New Media.

He also said Obi alone is now a movement to beat in Kano and Katsina, saying he was amazed when he visited Kano at the weekend and was squeezed with Obi’s popularity. In a tweet ,he said nobody is talking about other presidential candidates anymore except Obi.

He added that a friend told him that it was a familiar story in Katsina, saying LP might get between 75 to 80 percent of votes in those states.“Let me confess, the name Peter Obi alone is a movement to beat, I was in Kano over the weekend and to my surprise everywhere is PO, nobody is talking about other candidates anymore and a friend told me that it’s a similar story in Katsina. LP is getting 75% – 80% in those states,” he tweeted

Also ,a friend just sent him a message that Obi is getting not less than 85% in Kaduna.“Like I said he is everywhere in Kano and Katsina, so he doesn’t even have to waste his time to go to north west for campaign, his soldiers take over the region. An 80% victory is assured,” he said.

Ashraf Babagana, re-echoed Bashir’s assertion, saying “It’s the same story in Gombe too. Everywhere is Labour Party and the topic of discussion for every group is Peter Obi. The movement started like a joke but it has gained momentum over time. It’s very possible for Peter Obi to win 80% of Gombe State if polls will be held tomorrow.”

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