March 20, 2023

An Oro traditional worshipper identified as Agboola Akeem has been allegedly stoned to death during a clash with members of Truth and the Spirit Prophetic Church, Agege, Lagos state . This happened after the worshippers invaded into the vigil celebrating their festival, informing the church members to suspend their service but the order was rejected thereby resulting into a fight.

The leader of the church, a 50-year-old Mercy Okocha and other nine members have been arrested as suspects as the Lagos Police State Command Public Relation Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin identified this as a murder case.

The church was located at 2, Taiwo Lawal Street in Oko Oba, Agege, Lagos state by an anonymous source.

“Oro worshippers clashed with church members holding a vigil. It sadly resulted in the death of one person. It’s clearly a murder case. Suspects have been arrested. But henceforth, how do we ensure religious tolerance in similar cases?”Hundeyin said.

Marvelous Ogidi

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