March 27, 2023

Apart from being an incredible actor, he is gradually becoming a veteran as well.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Actor Yinka Smart bares it all…

.Who is Yinka Smart?

Yinka is a simple guy like every other guy on the street of Lagos !! I’m a full time actor, I was born in Lagos and I’m a Lagosian.

.Who is the late Alade Aromire to you?

… Hmmmmm, he was my boss and also my father. He took care of me like his own blood, as a matter of fact, me been a Graduate today is because of God and my late boss. I’m not out of place to have called him daddy.

I miss him so much because he was my mentor & role model, I always looked up to him then. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

.How long have you been in the movie Industry?

– Over 15 years and still counting. I act Yoruba films and feature in English movies sometimes.

.Do you have other businesses aside from being an actor?

—- I am a full time Actor, the only thing I’m working towards is producing my first movie so help me God.

.As an actor, what have you done to help in the fight against Covid 19

Our association under the leadership of My Able President in person of mr Abolaji Amusan known as Mr Latin!!! We gave out food and other palliatives.

.What do you think will happen when everything is over and the lockdown is called off?

— The country and even the world will never remain the same again. Nigeria is not as developed as the US, UK etc. Government should please see to the growth of our economy because to me the country is going on recession already! We also need help for the growth of our Industry.

.Are you single and searching?

I am single but not searching

.Where are we expecting to see Yinka Smart in 5years from now?

I already see myself as a great actor but will be greater 5years from now, and will be a wonderful Husband and caring Father to my Kids

.Any words of encouragement to aspiring actors & Nigerian youth?

Make sure you love what you do and you’re happy doing it. Don’t forget education is key, get educated.

Thank you for your time.

Priscilla Irems

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