May 28, 2023

Nigerians come after Cynthia Morgan as Jude Okoye releases contract details signed by both parties. The contract revealed that both parties, I.e. Cynthia Morgan and the Northside Music had a sharing formula of 50/50 rather than the claims she made of being used and dumped.

Cynthia had over the weekend claimed she had lost everything including her name, VEVO account, Instagram account and royalties after they had some issues centering on her contract.

However, Jude had long dismissed the claim by realeasing the contract details on Tuesday. He also added that the contract had an option to renew for two further years.

Some of Cynthia Morgan’s fans that sympathised with her on Instagram and twitter are disappointed that she lied and played the victim card after accusing Jude Okoye of destroying her career. Below are some comments from angry Nigerians on Instagram and twitter…

@ Aprokodoctor ”So Cynthia Morgan lied? The easiest way to get Nigerians on your side is to tell an emotional story and sprinkle some tears for effect. Works every time”.

@Irunna ”So Cynthia Morgan lied. Please how do we get back the money we donated because I donated my school fees please”.

@Dynasty ”This Lie is so Legendary that she can be used as an expression For Liars in English Language”.

@Bobby ”So Cynthia Morgan decided to play the Victim card because she knew Nigerians always fall for that trick, it’s always essential to hear both parts of the story before you judge!”

@missgoldie4 ”So Cynthia Morgan went to IG live without a make up tied scarf like grandma so people can think she dey suffer, I swear Cynthia gbemi ni handicap 2.5”.

@Akunwa ”So Cynthia Morgan wanted to stage a comeback and chose to soil Jude’s name to gain public sympathy. That gofundme account should be reported and taken down. That’s another level of witchcraft”.

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