March 20, 2023

Landslide engulfs the Brazilian state of Parana as firefighters worked tirelessly to find about 30 people that hit a coastal highway.Two people have been found dead and six were rescued alive since the landslide on Monday (local time).

A bell of warning was rung concerning the number of victims which could differ from their estimate, as it was impossible to say how many passengers were travelling in each of the 21 cars and trucks identified.The landslide hit the BR-376 highway in the city of Guaratuba following intense and continuous rain in the region.

A search and rescue team of 54 firefighters and specialists continued to work till Thursday in spite of bad weather, using tow trucks, search dogs and drones with thermal cameras to help detect any signs of life.

Another specialised tactical team took over search efforts at night.“The teams are working around the clock,” Manoel Vasco of the Fire Brigade stated “The situation in the area, which is already at risk, is likely to get worse in the coming days if it continues like this” he added.

Rescuers had to tread carefully as more landslide could happen especially as rain is expected to increase in the coming days.

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