June 19, 2024

Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi has reacted over a court order banning her and her ex-husband, Justin Dean from posting their kids on social media.

Korra recently announced that Justin had filled another suit seeking full custody of their daughters.She lamented that he has been trying to take the girls away from her for a while now and has failed.

However in a court document dated January 19th 2022, the ex-couple, has banned the former couple from posting videos, photos or live-stream of their children or any content that have their children in it on social media until further notice.

Reacting to the judge’s ruling, the mother of two took to her Facebook live video to express her joy in rejoicing .According to her, she is now free from the torture of her ex-husband as he can no longer use the kids against her.She insisted that the court order is still a win for her regardless of the fact that the ban also extends to her.The singer explained that she is so thankful her husband will no longer be able to monetize their kids.

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