March 26, 2023

Italy’s ITA Airways stated on Thursday concerning a launched investigation over a ground collision that took place 10 days ago, involving one of its aircraft, at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Recall that on the night of Jan. 2, one of its planes, which had just landed from Rome, hit the tail of another aircraft with the tip of its right wing. But fortunately, nobody was injured, an ITA spokesperson confirmed. However,the other aircraft was a Delta DAL.N Bombardier according to a report.

“Collisions during taxiing maneuvers are an increasing phenomenon … especially in highly congested airports like JFK.”

The airline said its plane was now back in Rome and it had launched an internal inquiry “to reconstruct the circumstances (of the accident).” It pledged to “promptly inform” and fully cooperate with aviation authorities.

Last month the Italian government approved a decree setting the conditions for its sale, with Germany’s Lufthansa LHAG.DE the frontrunner to take it over.

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