June 5, 2023

Popular skit maker Zicsaloma narrated how hoodlums tried to attack him with the Nigerian Actress, Chinyere Wilfred.

Narrating the incident on Twitter, Zicsaloma said the thugs ambushed them and demanded money from them before they could be allowed to shoot movie, which he declined leading to ambush.He added that the handle of his car was also broken as they tried to take one of his boys who was attempting to confront them.

“See what we go through in Lagos while we film. Once you bring the camera out, they scatter your shoot until you pay. Omoh today’s own was on another level. They later came to still ambush us with weapons.” They were hitting my car glass, broke my car handle as they were trying to take my boy who was gingering them. We had to beg o. Na because of @chinyerewilfred4real begging them to hear us o. Bless God we are safe,” he wrote.

Marvelous Ogidi

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