March 31, 2023

Abubakar Abdulsalam, father of the five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar murdered by her teacher ,has given his expression of happiness that the little Hanifa got justice from the court.

Abdulsalam, who made the remark in reaction to the court judgement that sentenced the killer, Tanko Abdulmalik, and his accomplice, Hashimu Ishyaku, to death by hanging.He also commended the court for the judgment.

“I’m happy that Hanifa, my daughter, has gotten justice.“We appreciate everyone’s effort in this case, justice has been well served,” Abdulsalami stated.

“I am really short of words to express my gratitude and thankfulness to the people of Kano. We really appreciate them because they stood by us during the trial and we will never forget this singular honour,God had already passed the judgement even before coming to the court and I thank the court for delivering a fair judgement,” he added.

Abdulsalam, who therefore had the calmness instilled in him prayed to God to reward all those who sympathised and supported them from the beginning up to the end of the trial.“May the Almighty Allah reward all those who stood behind us from the beginning up to the end of the trial period. May He reward them abundantly,” he prayed.

He also said since the beginning of the case, he never thought of not getting justice, and thanked the people of the state for the support and encouragement they had given them throughout the trial period.

Recalling that Hanifa was kidnapped in December 2021 by Proprietor of Nobel Kids Academy and North West preparatory school ,Abdulmalik Tanko ,he was sent to court and has been sentenced to death by hanging

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