February 23, 2024

A Premium Motor Spirit tanker with 45,000 liters of its content crashed at Ifo,Ogun thereby spilling the fuel which razed ten building during the spillage.

Mr Ibrahim Farinloye, the Zonal Coordinator of the South West, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), said the incident occurred at about 7.00 a.m. on Olambe Matogun Road, Ifo.

“Though, no life was lost or anyone sustained an injury, but about 10 buildings were consumed in the incident.“The situation was mitigated with most of the content spilling into the canal close to the scene.“This saved the community from a serious incident that could have affected more people.” Farinloye said.

However,the NEMA official said the fire has been quenched.

Marvelous Ogidi

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