June 5, 2023

An explosion occured at an independent marketing filling station located at Badagry ,Lagos State on Monday night.

Mr Abel Husu, known as the Station Head of Badagry Fire Service confirmed this on Tuesday . However the Lagos State Fire Service said one person got injured when the explosion happened. The station got affected from Yemoral oil and gas filling fire incident along Ajara, Badagry in Lagos around 8:55pm, Monday.

Husu said they got to the filling station about ten minutes later and commenced efforts to put out the fire.“By our findings, we were told that the driver of the car had already bought petrol into his car.“When he started the engine, it exploded; but there were no casualties before and after the incident.”

“The officials of the fire brigade were able to put off the fire at about 12:55a.m,” he added.However, one of the station attendants said that the fire was ignited by a spark from a cell phone when a motorist picked up his call while buying petrol into a container.“This resulted in the complete burning down of the station building, a Toyota Camry car and the generator house of the station.“One of the neighbors who was assisting to pack glasses and another from the station sustained injury due to sharp cuts from the office glasses”

“He was rushed to Harmony Hospital along Itoga road, Badagry, where he received treatment on the cut, which wasn’t as a result of the fire,” he said.

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