March 26, 2023

‘Semi-automatic offside technology will be used during the November to December World Cup to make video assistant decisions faster and more reliable’,the Football world governing body said this, Friday.

The system would also used in all 64 matches in Qatar.The new offside technology was tested at the Arab Cup and the Club World Cup in February.

Using a signal in the ball and a dozen cameras that record players’ movements, the position of players will be recorded even more accurately than before.The data will be reviewed by a video assistant and immediately relayed to the referee on the field.“The match officials are still involved in the decision-making process, as the technology gives an answer only when a player is in an offside position“In other words, the assessment of interfering with an opponent remains a match official’s responsibility,” FIFA referees’ chief, Pierluigi Collina, said in a statement.

Adding to more precise measurements, it is also hoped that the technology speeds up video assistant reviews for offside.Currently, it takes an average of 70 seconds but the new system could cut that to 25 seconds.“I’ve heard a lot about ‘robot referees.’ I understand sometimes this is very good for headlines, but this is not the case,” Collina said.

Video screens will be used also to inform fans in the stadium about decisions.

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