March 27, 2023

Every February 14th , a celebration popularly known as VALENTINE’S DAY Is written to the world as they paint their society with the ‘Red and white’dresses expressing their love and care in different illustration, events and highlights

Despite every festivals, and other celebrations this is a way of passing physical and social affections to one another. Here are basic highlights why love is shared on this day.

1 LOVE NEEDS FAITH: As it is said biblically in (Gal 5:6) that faith works through love, it survives trying and turbulent times, it keeps believing that in due time all shall be well.

2 LOVE AS A SACRIFICE: Love is a scarifice to be made and endured. Love receives and gains but in sacrifice it gives and losses. The more the sacrifice, the greater the love. Therefore’greater love than this no one has, that a man lays down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

3 LOVE AS ACTIONS: Giving love as promises, affections and bloated ego to remain relevant and dominate the emotional space. The society feels very little or no impact of the love being touted and celebrated on valentine’s day. If not the poor, needy , prisoners,the sick, aged , homeless and others at the fringe of society would surely feel the impact.

So, in conclusion, every human should always have the mindset and ability to share and express love towards another for love is eternal and through this ensuring a peaceful, happy and loving society.

Marvelous Ogidi

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