May 28, 2023

It has been confirmed that a crash that killed three teenage hockey players last year was caused by alcohol and excessive speed.

Parker Magnuson, Ronin Sharma and Caleb Reimer were killed when their vehicle hit a tree on August 21, 2021.After a 15-month investigation, it has been concluded that Magnuson “failed to navigate the northbound curve” while driving on 104th Avenue in Surrey, B.C.Data from the Ford Focus’ onboard computer indicated the vehicle rapidly accelerated to approximately 116 mph in the seconds before impact.

Magnuson, who held a novice driver’s license, had consumed a “moderate to heavy” amount of alcohol the night of the tragedy. It has been forbidden that drivers holding a novice license, having a zero blood-alcohol level, and, with some exceptions, carrying more than one passenger under the age of 25.

Magnuson, Sharma and Reimer were all killed by blunt force trauma and that their deaths were accidental.The day after the crash the National Hockey League posted a message of condolence to its official Twitter account.

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