May 28, 2023

Governor Nyesom Wike has signed a new executive order on how burial ceremonies should be conducted in Rivers State and defaulters will pay a fine of ₦10m.

The new guideline was released on the 8 of June 2020 by the Rivers State Government on.

The reason for the newly released burial guidelines is to help curb the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

According to the new order, anyone who wishes to carry out burial ceremonies must apply for approval through the commissioner for health from the state governor.

Attached to the application is the death certificate of the deceased which should indicate if the deceased died of Coronavirus or not.

There will also be a written undertaken from the applicant to pay ₦10m if any of the guidelines for the burial ceremonies are flouted.

The new order states that burial ceremonies conducted in the state must not have more than 50 persons in attendance including family members, no wake keep or service of songs must be held for the deceased person, all attendees must observe social distance and burial ceremonies must hold between 9am and 12noon.

Defaulters to this new burial guidelines signed by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike will pay the fine of ₦10m.

Below is a copy of the new signed order

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