March 29, 2023

Two suspects and gunrunner gangs Chimezie and his gang partner, Badang have been defeated and arrested in Lafia by operatives of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT), while trafficking AK-47 rifles, carefully hidden in a sack of beans, from Nasarawa State to Anambra State.

Chimezie ,the head of the group who’s from Ekusigo in Anambra State, claimed to be a member of Anambra Vigilance Group, had spoken that his village recently came under attack in which his colleagues, as chairman of the vigilance group isn’t excluded, were killed and their weapons carted away by unknown gunmen.

Chimezie added to his bio saying he’s a CCTV installer and dealer in other security gadgets, adding that he had been taking refuge in Abuja since the attack on his village and needed to go back with weapons to defend himself and his group.

He went on a journey to Namu, a village in Plateau State where he once lived and did business until crisis broke out to get the weapons.On getting to the village, he approached an Igbo man, who introduced him to one Badang, a farmer who specialises in supplying weapons, thereafter telling Badang that he wanted two pump action guns, but the latter told him that might not be possible. This was after the introduction. He promised to carry out a search and get back to him.

Chimezie then left Namu for Abuja to await a call from Badang. A week after he left the village, Badang called to inform him that he was able to get a locally made AK-47 rifle and asked if he was interested to enable him to commence negotiations with the owner.Giving a go-ahead, the owner sold weapons for N250,000 each, totaling N500,000, which he agreed to pay.

Chimezie however questioned Badang the guns will be given to him , Badang told him not to worry that he would carefully load them in a bag of beans.

Badang then requested for money to buy the beans and transportation which came to N575,000 as Chimezie immediately sent the money to him.Upon receiving the money, he bought the guns and a bag of beans for N45,000. The guns were loaded inside the bag very early in the morning at the market with the help of the man who sold the guns to him.

By sunrise, he took the bag to the park for onward delivery to Chimezie. He was unfortunately arrested by the IRT operatives. When Chimezie waited for some days and heard nothing from Badang, he decided to call him on the phone, not knowing he had been arrested.Badang, who was then in police custody played along, asking Chimezie to meet him at a motor park located in Lafia. Chimezie was then captured successfully by the Operatives.

Police authorities said the suspects would be arraigned once investigations were over.

Marvelous Ogidi

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