March 31, 2023

The Lagos State Government had on Thursday revealed through its Health Commissioner professor Akin Abayomi, how it’s Government spends between N100,000 and N1m daily on each of the COVID-19 patients in the state.

Abayomi had explained during a media briefing on Thursday the 23rd of July 2020 that for mild and moderate cases, the state government spends averagely about N100,000 daily.

The Commissioner for Health also disclosed that it costs the state government about N500,000 and N1m, to treat a patient with a serious case.

Professor Akin Abayomi further explained that he was able to come up with a rough estimate and said it is very difficult to calculate what it costs the state government to treat a COVID-19 patient.

According to him the cost he arrived at, factored in treatment, cost of feeding, accommodation and the services provided by the healthcare givers, etc.

The Commissioner for Health further disclosed that about 2,036 COVID-19 patients have not been picked from the community in the last two weeks, due to preference for home treatment, logistic issues, wrong information provided in their forms and inability to reach such patients because their phones were switched off. He said.

Priscilla Irems

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