March 20, 2023

Three people were reportedly killed in Louisiana after tornadoes tore across the American South, destroying families’ homes in the midst of holiday preparations.

The storm spawned dozens of reported tornadoes from east Texas to the Florida Panhandle which was expected to filter out on Thursday. But not before it exacted devastation on a number of communities where some homes were blown to pieces and residents hospitalized.

One of the victims,Nikolus Little, aged eight, was found dead in Keithville, Louisiana, on Tuesday after a tornado touched down, the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office reported.The child’s body was discovered in a wooded area of the Pecan Farms subdivision where his home had been destroyed. His mother, Yoshiko A. Smith, 30, was initially missing but her body was later found by sheriff’s deputies under debris and one street over from her demolished home.The child’s father had reported them missing after going out for groceries and coming home to find the family’s mobile home was gone. “We couldn’t even find the house that he was describing with the address. Everything was gone,” Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator reported.

Authorities in St. Charles Parish, west of New Orleans, gave report about a woman who was found dead after a suspected tornado on Wednesday struck the community of Killona along the Mississippi River, damaging homes.

In similar cases, Keithville man ,William Walls, stated that a tornado picked up his home and tossed it into his brother’s house next door. Videos he posted on Facebook show the shredded remains.“This is my house,” he said. “It’s gone.”Mr Walls said in the videos that he was standing on the back porch of his brother’s home and the wind blew the door shut. He couldn’t get inside and ended up standing out there as the tornado came right over the house, he said.“I was standing on that back porch. I couldn’t get in the house, when that tree fell and I watched it pick my trailer up and throw it into there,” he said.

Eight people were taken to hospitals with injuries, authorities said.

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