May 28, 2023

The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, has fired at President Muhammadu Buhari yet again, saying he is a disaster in managing diversity.He has accused him also of being blatantly nepotistic. Kukah spoke in an interview last night.According to Kukah, “President Buhari has been a disaster in managing diversity and he is blatantly nepotistic, it is not acceptable, it is morally reprehensible.”

Kukah said he respected Buhari as a person but would always attack his actions which were unbecoming of a president, adding that he would do the same to anyone elected the next president if they were not doing the right thing.“I am insisting that whoever becomes president of Nigeria today or tomorrow, they will hear from me if they are not doing the right thing. It got nothing personal, I am saying, I have seen where people have managed diversity well.“What are the results, if we do not aspire to create a country where we are blind to the sins of the flesh, and the sins of the flesh are what produced ethnicity; this toxicity that you define somebody before you not as a child of God but you define somebody, not because of his capacity and you give him a front seat because you speak the same language, because he is from your town or you worship in the same mosque or the same church, at that point, we are not serving God. So for me, these are the issues, nothing personal,” he stated.

Kukah added that he never feared for his life and that the only thing he feared was breaking the law of the land.

“When people talk about fear, I ask myself, fear of what? the only thing I am afraid of is to break the law and I live with it everyday. I will fear a human being or fear what? Even my worst critics know that I have never insulted anybody, the only fear I have is that this country might go under.“It is a fear that is genuine but we must do everything humanly possible to avert what is clearly a looming disaster because we can do better than this and I know that those who want this country to sink are probably less than five percent,” he added.

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