March 27, 2023

Under the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja,The Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) sued Meta Platforms Incorporated and its agent AT3 Resources Limited for unapproved advertisements to the Nigerian audience.

ARCON in a statement on Tuesday alleged that Meta, owners of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp social media unapproved adverts had led to the loss of revenue to the federal government,therefore seeking N30bn in sanction for the violation of the advertising laws and for loss of revenue as a result of Meta’s continued exposure of unapproved adverts on its platforms.

“ARCON is seeking a declaration among others that the continued publication and exposure of various advertisements directed at the Nigerian market through Facebook and Instagram platforms by Meta Platforms Incorporated without ensuring the same is vetted and approved before exposure is illegal, unlawful and a violation of the extant advertising Law in Nigeria.” the statement said.

ARCON further stated that such advert would not permit unethical and irresponsible advertising in Nigeria’s advertising space.

Marvelous Ogidi

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