March 27, 2023

It is no news that the popular ‘Someone like you’ crooner had tremendously lost 44kg weight.

The talented superstar have been on the toplist of diet products and brands since she loss 44kg weight.

According to the Sun UK, the 32-year-old British singer-songwriter has been flooded with offers from TV networks, brand and marketing firms hoping to cash in on her incredible body transformation.

Adele had recently rejected a £40million pounds endorsement deal from a brand Following her drastic weight loss transformation.

Adele who displayed her new look on her 32nd birthday has been strict with her exercise routine and her diet plan.

According to Sun UK, “Adele has flatly refused several multi-million-pound deals.

However Adele have very strict observing her diet plans, food companies, vegetarian lifestyle packages, cookbooks, exercise videos and even catwalk modelling.”

Adele before the weight loss and current picture

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