March 27, 2023

Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo shares her desire to have grand kids that would slay with her.

She announced the qualities that she desires in the spouse of her two children, Priscilla and Festus in an instagram post on Saturday. She also showered praises to them for being well mannered and respectful.

Iyabo wishes her future in-laws to be a bit stubborn so that she would have active grandchildren. She shared a picture of her children saying: “My gentle, respectful, well mannered grown babies. I’ll see you both soon. We’re painting turkey red. Important information: Please my darling future in-laws from both sides must be pretty and handsome and have small ijogbon(stubbornness) because I want some future ijogbon cute grandkids to slay with me. She added that her children were just too cool for her liking, as she described them as her happy place.

“Festus and Priscilla are just too cool for my liking. My happy place. #proud mom.” She concluded.

According to her being a single mum was the greatest challenge of her life . She was very confused at the very early stage of single motherhood but she constantly prided herself with the comfortable life she had given her kids

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