March 29, 2023

It is no longer news that the disgraced super cop Abba Kyari is cooling off at the NDLEA detention with his boys alleged to be involved in the drug business.

The most asked question at the moment is, “Who is in charge of the IRT”?

Apparently, most of the officers who had worked with the suspended commander (Abba Kyari) were more loyal to him than the new Commander (DCP Olatunji Disu). Amongst the officers, Kyari left behind was his 2IC, ACP, Sunday Ubuah who continued as the 2IC to the current Commander.

The suspended 2IC, ACP Sunday Ubuah who was unprofessional in conducting his affairs was more loyal to his former boss, Abba Kyari than to his current boss.

Mr. Seyi Adetayo, a former officer of Nigeria’s Department of State Services (DSS) and founder of intelligence group Eons Intelligence, spoke extensively with Yori Folarin on TVC’s This Morning show (TM) on Thursday 17th, February 2022.

According to Seyi Adetayo; “I learnt the Police Service Commission has suspended the four Officers. When you are suspended, you are supposed to drop your ID card, you don’t wear a uniform, you don’t go near the office until you are called back.”

When the anchor, Yori Folarin asked how Kyari was still able to control the officers in IRT, even while under suspension, Seyi answered; “When he (Abba Kyari) was suspended, a new commander was posted there but the commander inherited the structure of Abba Kyari. The guys there were more loyal to Kyari than the new Commander. In fact, the day they went for the operation, the 2IC of Tunji Disu, who was also the 2IC of Abba Kyari decided to stay back in Abuja when his boss was reportedly led an operation to Sokoto to get rid of bandits.

The said 2IC led the drug operation and reported the case to his former boss, Abba Kyari, while his current boss was in Sokoto. He failed to inform his boss about the operation. It was when he was done with the operation that he told his current boss in Sokoto that, oh, I forgot to inform you that there was this information we received, it was so urgent we had to quickly intercept it, we’ve done the arrest and we’ve transferred the suspect to the NDLEA. So the current commander was not involved, he didn’t know anything.” Seyi Adetayo said.

Kyari was arrested by the police on Monday for alleged drug trafficking and has been handed over to the NDLEA along with four others – Sunday Ubuah, ASP Bawa James, Inspector Simon Agrigba, and John Nuhu. Another officer, ASP John Umoru, is said to be at large.

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