February 27, 2024

17-year-old Maci Currin is 6ft 10 inches tall.

17-year-old Maci Currin has made it to the Guinness Book of Record for having the longest legs as a teenager and also as a female.

Maci Currin currently stands at 6feet 10inches tall at age 17.

According to a specialist who pleaded anonymous, made us understand that rapid growth like this can be caused by an overflow of the thyroid glands.

From right-left 17-year-old Maci Currin and her mum Tracy Currin

Speaking further he said, “Normally, we stop growing at age 21 and she is just 17. I pray God put a check on her thyroid glands. However, she may stop growing at this age only if the master gland called the Pituitary gland controls the thyroid glands.”

Our Mr Anonymous further stated, “She has hyperthyroidism and I pray she doesn’t have a problem with her pituitary gland also.” He concluded.

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