March 27, 2023

A football stampede occured at Indonesia at Malang ,East Java after the final whistle of the Arena FC 3-2 East Java club Persebaya Surabaya . A record was however been confirmed on Tuesday that at least 33 minors were among those killed in a stampede at the Indonesian football stadium during the weekend.

The youngest identified so far out of the 125 people killed was a toddler about three or four years old according to a deputy at the Ministry for Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection.“This still can change because we have not received all the information from the families of the victims,’’ Nahar informed DPA.

Meanwhile,the police tried to subdue the pitch invaders, sending spectators scrambling to the exit gates which led to suffocation and most of the victims died due lack of oxygen . More than 300 people were injured, some seriously, officials said but have been taken to the hospital for treatment .

The national police earlier on Monday sacked the Malang district police chief, Ferli Hidayat, as part of an investigation into the stampede on Saturday at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.Nine other commanding officers were suspended and under questioning on suspicion of ordering security personnel to fire tear gas inside the stadium.

Eyewitness stated that police had fired numerous tear gas rounds continuously and fast after the situation with fans became tense which led to vandalism of cars and properties.

The Indonesian match is marked among the world’s worst sports disasters.Top team leagues game has been suspended for further investigations and a tribute has been given outside the stadium for the bereaved.

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