May 28, 2023

An Anglican priest of the Nnewi Diocese in Anambra State, Rev. Ogbuchukwu Lotanna made a resignation as a priest of the church.

He stated in his resignation letter that he received a divine mandate to float a movement in support of polygamy.He insisted that God desired men to even marry more than one wife, instead of going for someone’s wife or ladies they were not married to.He said he had taken his time to discover the truth the church had hidden from members for a long time, adding that it was high time people were told the truth.His colleagues however expressed shock at Lotanna’s action, saying that they never expected such.

He named the movement, “Gideonites”which was aimed at encouraging polygamy, with a vision to reducing the rate of sexual sins in society.He also said the place of worship would be called “Gideonites Temple.”He pointed out that polygamy is not a sin, contrary to what is generally being preached.According to him, what God hates is divorce of any type, and sleeping with another man’s wife.

Nnewi, is married to Chinyere Abigail, who hails from Umuogbu village Achara in Awka North of Anambra State.

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